Icy Character Profile

Posted Dec 23, 2021, 6:54:04 AM UTC

Character Name: Icicle Frostclaws

Character Nickname: Icy

Character Age: Around 4000 in human years, 32 in dragon years

Character Species: Anthropomorphic Dragon

Character Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her/Hers

Primary Scale Color: Ice Blue

Secondary Scale Color: Snowy White

Eye Color: Violet

Eye Type: Square Dragon pupils, no designs

Likes and Dislikes: Find out for yourself!

Icy hatched and grew up in her family's ice cabin, made of oak logs and mud. her family of four others; Her mother Frosty, her father Thorn, her big brother Tundra and little brother Dominic. They were on a tight budget, so they could only afford the log cabin. Icy's parents did not have enough money to go to regular, public human school, so they taught her themselves. Icy worked thousands of jobs in her 4000 years of lifetime, so she got plenty of info and experience. Icy had worked all of the jobs that humans ever could... Except one...

Being a hero of a whole city is a hard job. She regularly has to fight monsters, zombies, hellbound demons, among other things. And of course, being a hero has its pros and cons;

Pros: Living in luxury, getting what you want, when you want, having the best and newest technology, getting loads of attention, having a cult of followers, being extremely high class and more. But the cons.. Not so great..

Cons: Being the main target for attackers like monarchs, dukes, tyrants and monsters, as well as having a cult of followers, you get a cult of haters, economic crash, toxic attention, among others...

Maybe being a hero isn't the best job after all.. But she still tries to make the most of it!

Icy was one day messing around in her secret library, when she came into the portal room and saw that one of them was open. She tried to close it, but accidentally got sucked in. Now she's here! Could you help her find her way back? [RP PROMPT]

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