Liarthese Character Profile

Posted Dec 23, 2021, 2:17:33 AM UTC

Character Name:Liarthese P. Oglevey

Character Age:18

Character Species:Human

Hair Color:Black

Eye Color:Black

Brief Biography:

Liarthese grew up in a high class family, the second son of 3. His father, Bastille Oglevey was the world's greatest knight, and he desperately wanted to follow in his footsteps. things soon changed when a group of sorcerers arrived late at night and not only killed his family, destroyed his home, but also killed his father. he tried to protect them, but he was too weak to defeat the sorcerers, and was killed and had half his face cut off. later that night, an elderly witch happened upon him and resurrected him, now making him undead. out of pure rage, liarthese ate a special fruit that gave him the ability to control magic, at the cost of his ability to produce blood.

After 8 years of training, he left the witch's hut and joined a guild, where he continued to train to surpass his father, and make friends along the way. He's since trained his ability to control magic, and can infuse his sword with it. He's still got a lot to learn, but he's getting by.

Liarthese, loves to explore new places, and make new friends or allies. He's even been known to protect those he holds dear, and will put his friends and allies before himself. Liarthese hates self centered people, open casms, underwater stuff, and being betrayed.

Liarthese is often perceived as, Well Mannered, Noble, and incredibly naive. He's also been known to be straight forward, and will speak his mind, even if it hurts those around him, but only does so because he cares.

Liarthese has also been known to have a strong moral compass, and has spared those he deems as having a "Good Soul".

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