Vampire's Bite

Posted Nov 28, 2021, 3:47:36 PM UTC




The vampire's bite may cause the victim to pass out. Moth is a vampire who's been around awhile, he's loved and has lost love all together. He wasn't expecting to fall for someone new but when he locked eyes with the belle across the ball room. She was standing in front of the main window as the full moon glowed down on her. She looked perfect just like the belle he loved before. He was usually a lone wolf but for some reason his feet made him walk over to her and he asked for a dance which she accepted. They danced for hours and shared a few laughs. They went outside into the chilled night as the moon and stars continued to glow. Now he wasn't going to steal a bite but he did. Now he sits under the moon pondering what he should do, he ponders why he even done it. He deeply regrets it as he's been avoiding human blood for centuries but this belle draped in blue had his full attention.

I seriously don't know how to write stories lol but here's a weird little thing. Also Gaia in this time line is about 18-20 just to give some context. I need to draw this couple more as I barely have any "straight" couples. I know the drawing isn't perfect but I wanted to try to draw this dramatic pose but it didn't go so well also I knew I wasn't going to draw a background since I suck at those horribly 

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