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- A version of Death; a friendly person who leads souls down the right path. He doesn't have a lot of knowledge of the souls he helps but he'll be their friend to the very end of their walk

- 5.4 ft tall

- Always dressed up

- Right eye tells him how the soul died (and which place they go to like hell or heaven)

- Silver is his favorite color

- He is married to Satan (Satan will be drawn sooner or later) He is the calm to the chaotic Satan. They met many years ago and have never fallen out. He is shorter than his wife but he's happier than ever 

- He has no label for his sexuality but he's most likely pansexual (and he's cisgender)

- Sometimes he bonds with the animal souls he meets, they're his favorite to meet. Even if it's sad they deserve more love than anyone can give them. 

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