Throwing the bridal flowers

Posted Nov 27, 2021, 5:01:25 PM UTC

 Wösma had heard about a cathedral that was supposed to be located somewhere in the forest of Faedin.

It was supposed to be a place where the locals would often celebrated „marriages“.

What ever a „marriage“ was...

Sometimes even foreigners, that came from the nearby spaceport, would specifcally visit Faedin to be married there, because of its ancient history and it´s mysterious connection to long forgotten deities the locals once worshipped.

Or at least thats what the very talkative Innkeeper had told her, when she rented a room for the night.

Normally she would rather avoid places people would swarm to, but something about a cathedral in the middle of a Forest caught her attention.

So the next day she made her way through the deep Mushroomforest torwards the spot the Innkeeper had mentioned.

It wasn´t long until she could see a big shadow in the distance and as she continued the clear shilouette of a a very big structure pertruded through the dark thicket, through it´s windows lights where thrown into the Darkness.

There it was.

The cathedral.

A massive building being carved out of a dead tree, its walls where decorated with weird carvings of unknown creatures , figures and shapes that brightly glowing mushrooms growing out of the walls enlightend.

The big stained-glass windows weren´t any different, showing of what Wösma presumed where the portraits of some off the forgotten deities that once had been worshipped here in Faedin.

She had never seen something like this before.

Wösmas heart pounded in her chest.

A familiar feeling made it´s way through her body.

She felt….ecxited.

,Isn`t this amazing? Our two organic producers never told us anything about this.` the voice of Stjere, her sister, suddenly echoing through her mind.

As Wösma walked around the cathedral just taking it all in and carefully traceing one of the woodcarvings with her hand, she suddenly felt something land against her side.

Instinctively she grapped what ever had hit her with her hands.

It was some kind of bouquet, with white flowers in wrapping paper.

,,Oh look, who caught it: A complete stranger.“ a male voice said nearby and Wösma looked up.

To her horror a whole bunch of eyes were focused on her.

It was a group of Squirrel people, nothing out of the ordinary here in Faedin, wearing fancy clothing.

One of them dressed up in a pure white dress with a veil.

Wösma must have been too distracted with the cathedral to notice that she wasn´t alone.

Damn it.

As she felt the familiar feeling of nervousness grow in her stomach she looked down at the bouquet and then back at the group before she streched out her arm to return the flowers, she presumed they had lost for some reason.

,,Oh, oh no.“ the squirrel lady in the white dress said and shook her head smiling.:,, You caught it. It´s yours. Ignore my husbands comment. I mean the tradition really doesn´t specify who can catch the bouquet and who can`t.“

Wösma raised an eyebrow.


,,Yes?“ said the Lady again, this time a bit confused as well:,, You know. After the wedding the bride throws the bridal bouquet for someone to catch.“

A Wedding?

Wösma tested the word in her head before she remembered, she had heard it before in one of the other worlds she visited .

She realised what they meant was a Union.

Or at least that was, what it was called where Wösma came from.

Although the unions in her homeworld were never celebrated this festive.

It was mostly a promise that was given to the heads of the family by the two people that were supposed to be united, to give the Clan new offsprings, new soldiers, and to make sure that they were willing to lay down their lifes for the family.

Wösma had witnessed it a few times with a some of her siblings and she always felt bad for the children that would come out of these circumstances.

After all she knew exactly how they would grow up...

Well different worlds, different traditions.

Wösma just nodded not wanting to be rude and a bit nervously held the flowers to her chest.

She really just wanted to continue her exploration.

,,Right..Well then i´ll be-“

,,Well, who is the lucky one?“ the male squirrel cut her off as he put an arm around his wife.:,, Is he here with you?“

His wife elbowed him softly in his stomach, earning a slight laughter from some of the other people around them.

,,You can´t ask something like this! Besides could be that she hasn´t even met him yet.“

Wösma blinked.

What were they talking about?

,,Who is him?“ she asked now getting a bit weirded out.

,,Your future husband of course.“ said the male with a knowing smile:,, Thats what the throwing of the bridal flowers is all about after all. The one who catches them gets married next.“

Wösmas eyes widened.


Were these flowers laced with magic to be able to control something like this?!

Did these people just curse her?!

No, she didn´t feel any magic when she caught it, but perhabs they would try to keep her here now!?

Was this how the people here ensured that they had enough offsprings?!

,,Oh, heck no.“ Wösma said and with all power she had , she threw the bouquet as far away from her as possible.

Her elemental magic might have kicked in as well and hurled the bouquet even farther, before it dissapeared from sight into the darkness of the Forest.

Wösma only had a second to see the shocked expressions on the faces of the crowd, before she turned around and fled back into the forest, hoping to leave Faedin far behind her.

,,Did..did i say something wrong?" the Groom said as he came out of his schock and looked after her:,,I was just joking!"

His wife sighed ,,Please stop, scaring foreigners, Darling."

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Prompt 1: The mushroom cathedral

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  • Nov 27, 2021, 11:56:02 PM UTC
    Interesting story and art, actually I'm so shocked when they said Wosma will meet her future husband. Well, she wants to be an adventurer right? Free adventuring in the wilderness without minding any husband buisness.

    Yet? :>
    • Nov 28, 2021, 9:31:45 AM UTC
      Thank you,Smile it was my first attempt to write a short story in english, since its not my first language. I´m glad it wasn´t horrible .XD
      And no don´t worry, the husband thing, was just a misunderstanding.
      Where i live its basically just a fun tradition for the bride to throw the bridal flowers and whoever catches them is said to be married next. (Of course it doesn´t actually happen and noone gets forced to marry anyone XD) Wösma doesn´t know that tho, since she grew up with completely different customs.
      And since she´s a bit wairy with other people she jumped to the worst conclusion in the end. That they must have cursed her or to meet her "future husband", something she has absolutely no interest in.




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