Thanksgiving and Celebration for all the warrior of the Boar Fight

Posted Nov 26, 2021, 3:02:52 PM UTC

The finale attack upon the Boar was landed and the battle was done, in time for Thanksgiving! well they are certainly hungry after the long battle and Shikun a better chef then a warrior so everyone stick around for the celebration as Shikun bring out the roasted Boar!. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL TIME for the holiday and for the battles we all join in on...I know I did not deo Cast with all of you and I am sorry for Lyric and Wintersong whom did not have a picture and I would not trust my mental image on drawing a character by words alone, but they are there, likely fetching the rest of the food in my head cannon!. It was awesome joining with you all in battle, and it was fun doucasting with some of you!...I look forward to more adventurer together soon :D

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  • Jan 1, 2022, 9:42:23 PM UTC
    OMG!! Wowie!! Somehow I missed this!! :O

    Very awesome!! I love seeing Amy part of the party!! πŸ’š
    • Jan 1, 2022, 10:31:09 PM UTC
      hehe, well she was part of the battle, how could I leave her out? I am glad you like it, so many character was alot of work and I was worry I draw folk character horribly but I want to do something to cherish our first real battle Smile
      • Jan 1, 2022, 10:53:22 PM UTC
        This is SO COOL!! Keep up the good work!! I love your enthusiasm in the PaperDemon Art RPG and community!! =^.^= πŸ’š
  • Dec 1, 2021, 6:58:03 AM UTC
    ho gods, thanks you so mutch, i really appreciate and enjoy to see that waht you done with my caractere, and feel to be part of a group mafe it even better ^v^
    If you want me to draw one of your caractere one day, it will be my pleasur, just note me.

    And thanks for the meal, it been a while thins i haven't taste some cooked meat ^v^
    • Dec 1, 2021, 2:38:03 PM UTC
      you are very welcome! you were one of my most concern work as I could not figure out some character design and I was worry I would mess up horribly. I had to scour the art gallery to find one that show enough to give me the ideal, then the second issue, due to the medium you use to color,, it was harder to sample the color for his work since it a varity of shade of the same color. I use your character and his two brother as basic for color and design.

      in the end I am happy you like the picture...I felt I tottaly mess up on him and my biggest fear in doing such a big picture for everyone is to misrepersent one character.

      as for doing my character? I would be so honor. not use to folks wanting to draw my character but if you get an idea for a pic I would love to see it.

      Thank you for being you and joining us in battle! it a shame I did not doucast with you but hey, there next battle and story so I look forward to tag team with you Big Smile
      • Dec 2, 2021, 10:59:45 AM UTC
        well you did a great job with the color and nobody seems negliged
        so it is, i put you in my list of "to do" ^v^
        also, it will be an honnor to be your comrad in arms ^v^
  • Nov 28, 2021, 11:06:09 AM UTC
    I love it- we're gonna have a great feast here ^^
    • Nov 29, 2021, 6:23:39 PM UTC
      you bet Smile Shikun a better chef then warrior, you all going to have a feast!
  • Nov 27, 2021, 5:10:58 PM UTC
    Thanks a lot for this. ItΒ΄s very cool to see all of them in one image.
    • Nov 27, 2021, 11:42:19 PM UTC
      I Am happy I was able to finish, had some issue crop up but I wanted to do something special for folks. You are very welcome and happy you enjoy it Big Smile
  • Nov 27, 2021, 3:25:06 PM UTC
    Woah, this is amazing and cute. Thanks for including me and our friends there, I love it. Let's celebrate yoooo...

    Actually I secretly think that we all in this pd arpg community are like a big family of adventurers after being here for a pretty long time Big Smile
    • Nov 27, 2021, 11:50:13 PM UTC
      hehehe, I try not to think too much that I am a part of a group, as I am still rather new, but I love this site and look forward to doing more art with other people character and just have fun with all of you. Actually I would like to do combine work on portal challenges and not just only for Doucasting and such. I wish to make lasting friendship and build a story in this game world with our character who are a part of major events together and such!

      As for this picture, I am just sad I did not have Wintersong or Lyric to put in the picture, I feel horrible leaving them out Sad
  • Nov 26, 2021, 11:12:23 PM UTC
    Thank you very much! This art is great! ^_^




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