Elseph's Element: Fire

Posted Nov 24, 2021, 9:37:58 PM UTC

Elseph's parents always taught her to use her Magics with caution and wisdom, lessons she very little interest in keeping, except for one specific case. Her Flame powers. Living in a Forest, she has no interest in using her Fire in battles, as that would cause a forest fire should she miss her shot. Thus, her Fire sees but two uses.

The first is a Light in Dark Places, to allow her to see. The other is a technique her Mother called "Curseburn", a magic that scorches curse magics until they fail to have an effect, which can see use if the arrogant people who incur her annoyance change their ways).

It may be assumed that if Elseph did use her Fire in a battle, it would be in short, very precise bursts.

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