Celebrate after Spore Boar battle!

Posted Nov 24, 2021, 3:59:45 PM UTC

During the battle Wosma came to Shikun aid and since then Shikun plan to return the favor...so after the battle with the Spore Boar, Shikun invited Wosma who was reluctant to go to some stranger place. Not really an out going person, Wosma drag her feet to reach Shikun place when she smell the all too familiar smell of cook fish. Inviting Wosma in, the enriching scent of fish filled the air, honey ham glazed over butter grill fish with roasted veggies. Wosma waited as Shikun fetch the dish and much to her surprise, the little pint size come walking in with a sizzling fish on a pan that was big enough to make HER a meal! Cooling her hands with the moister between her hands and the hot pan, Shikun was able to handle the pan fresh off the grill and set it on the counter as she look at Wosma with a big smile and announce it time for the FEAST!! Despite having load of fish in her life being born to a fishing family, the world traveling class Chef did amazing things with the fish she never had before....guess with Shikun not being the BEST fighter, her skill had to go into something. at the moment, Wosma belly is happy for at least those skills...

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  • Nov 26, 2021, 4:59:44 AM UTC
    This celebration is epic, congrats for the death of the spore boar Big Smile
    • Nov 26, 2021, 2:40:03 PM UTC
      I think we all should celebrate Big Smile I did a Picture for Thanksgiving and I am going to post it here today Big Smile Zalfa is in it, too, being one of the warrior in the Boar Fight!
  • Nov 24, 2021, 7:34:22 PM UTC
    Thanks again for doucasting with me. Smile
    I really like the little story you wrote for the picture and of course the picture as a whole.
    • Nov 24, 2021, 8:09:51 PM UTC
      Thank YOU Big Smile it was an honor to doucast with you and I hope to do it again in another battle if one come up later on.

      And yeah, had to reread the description of Wosma to get an idea of how she maybe like while still being vague enough to not be clearly seen to go out of character for her. All ways good to leave alot of option for interpitation since I do not want to represent the character wrong. I was worry I did something that may throw off the tales a little so it been rewritten a few times, but I am happy you enjoy it, the best part of doing art for others is to make them happy.