Voom Injure and Recovering

Posted Nov 22, 2021, 2:30:28 PM UTC

BiWeekly Challange: Injury/Wellness

Voom is a Knight and as such it his duty to defend those in need, even at the cost of his health...sadly this one time, he got hurt badly, was able to still walk away, but it took months to fully recover from his wounds. Luckily the farmers he save from the Bandits was more then eager to help him recover, even giving him a full warm meal and everything. Voom feel guilty as the Knight job to aid the people not the people aid him, but the Farmers was less then interested in letting him escape until heal and more then anything allow him to sneak out of bed to train or help them around the house, not until he fully healed! what the tiny little Knight to DO?!

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