Shikun Meet a SunDog

Posted Nov 18, 2021, 11:23:28 PM UTC

Evertide Challange, Shikun Meeting a Sundog....

A Glowing being travel the darken lands, warm by the after glow of sunning in the sun light....Shikun was amaze at a distance when she saw the glowing light running toward her, a HUNGRY SUNDOG!!! It look ready to take down the small Prey that it see SHikun as, but she Smile and pull out JERKY meat she made....The Dog stop and sniff the air, then slowly advance toward her as she kneel down to seem less threatening and offer him some Jerky meat....soon she calm the dog down, giving him full belly of the delicious jerky meat and maybe even made a New Friend....Amazing what food can do over a blade....

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