Zaclay the 2 Tailed Blue Fox

Posted Nov 17, 2021, 6:18:18 AM UTC

Meet Zaclay, my 2nd current main ocs. He's a fox-human hybrid. The same species as my persona. His age is 14 today, (I made his age the same age as me and my main oc, Zalfa.) He has blue hair with white little stripe and light brown eye color.

He's always having an adventure with Zalfa. Kinda naughty boy, and sometimes really easy to be panic. Sometimes he's a trouble maker. But sometimes he's quiet and calm

Rip my english (?)

Oh my, why I named my main oc with my real name. It's kinda weird to say my own name in the story that I made 😶.

What do you think about Zaclay? 

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