Rin's Character Sheet

Posted Nov 14, 2021, 2:27:33 AM UTC

Character Name: Rin Nakaya

Character Age: 20-22

Character Species: Human with osprey wings (can manifest talons)

Hair color: Pale blue

Eye color: Silver

WIP. Rin is originally from a fanfic I have posted on ao3. More info to be added.

Likes: Sashimi, and Unagi (grilled eel) 

Dislikes: Confined spaces, and vegetables 

Strengths: Open-minded, Logical, adaptable, assertive 

Weaknesses: Insecure, low empathy, overthinking, impulsive, blunt

Quirk: Daytime — grants Rin the power to direct bursts of light attacks. The feathers on her wings act as solar panels and are able to absorb light—much like how plant leaves do—and then she redirects that light out of her wings in wide-ranged blasts, or more concentrated blasts. Her wings are also always absorbing light and storing it, making it so her quirk can be used even when in darkness or inside, until that stored light runs out. 

Limit: There’s a limit on how much sunlight Rin can absorb, as she can’t hold an endless amount of sunlight, and she has to constantly manage that, whether it’s expending the excess energy out of her system or forcing her quirk to stop absorbing sunlight. She has another limit where once she’s used up all of the stored sunlight, she essentially has to recharge by allowing her body to re-absorb more sunlight.

Weakness: Darkness is her weakness since there is no light to absorb, making her quirk literally useless if she’s exhausted her store of sunlight. In extreme cases, she can absorb artificial light or light from the moon, but it puts a massive strain on her wings and her limit is reached far quicker.


  • Rin’s wings and overall appearance are based on an Osprey's.
  • Rin has more bird-like traits than she’d like to admit.
  • Stress-gripping – When she’s feeling overly stressed, she tends to grip onto the nearest thing and isn’t able to let go until she’s calmed down.
  • Her nightmares cause her to stress-grip in her sleep which is why she’s used to waking up with shredded sheets.
  • She’s capable of sharpening her nails into talons with a single thought, and her natural nails don’t break like a regular person’s would.
  • If Rin is in an overly distressed state, obscuring her vision by covering it or being in a dark room is enough to instantly calm her down, as she is unable to keep her own eyes closed in such a state.
  • Preening – Rin likes to preen her feathers as often as she can which relaxes her the most, and she can spend hours doing it.
  • Clear eyelid – Like all raptors, Rin has a natural nictitating membrane that slides over her eyes to protect them when flying at high speeds and in high altitudes.
  • Homing instinct – This is especially strong in Rin (because of Peregrines) that it leads her to Hawks’ house multiple times without her even realizing it.
  • Solitary nature – Most likely comes from her close relation to birds of prey.
  • Heightened eye-sight.
  • Her zodiac sign is Aquarius, an air sign.

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