Posted Nov 11, 2021, 7:47:24 PM UTC

Character Name: Elseph

Character Age: 25

Character Species: Skunk Anthro

Hair colour: White

Eye colour: Blue

It was in dark and humid forest lands that Elseph would be born into a small village, where she was trained in the delicate art of making potions of healing, curing diseases, crafting charms of good luck and other such minor magic.

After years of this, Elseph began to seek more interesting forms of magic, and began to walk down strange paths, magically and physically, until she became a Forest Witch, holding Magics that can help those who come looking for her cottage. Those who seek her should be wary, though. While she is not a malevolent spellweaver, she is not above using harmless, yet inconvenient magics on those she deems arrogant or dull and she grows tired easily.

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  • Elseph's Element: Fire
  • Elseph's Talisman: The Wand


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