Facing the familiar (Spoar boar Boss)

Posted Nov 10, 2021, 6:32:44 PM UTC
Wösma didn´t expect to meet another one of her own species so far away from home.
So far away from the unhospitale ocean she grew up on.
Panic ran through her and she froze.
She couldn´t really think about the how and why for too long, as the stranger charged as soon as he noticed her.
And as he grapped her Arm to stop her from unleashing her Magic on him, she realised, that she was mistaken.
This Person may have been of her species but definetly didn´t belong to any of the clans from her home coast.
He was far to big, far to strong and...far to slow to be.
And with that realisation, she felt the axiety drain from her bones, her mind returning to her.
She retook control over her panicked magic that had broken out to protect her.
Wösma readied herself.
She-...She could do this.

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Prompt: Draw or write about your character with the boss-- but the boss is the same species as your character

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