Escaping the vortex

Posted Oct 23, 2021, 2:04:52 PM UTC

After a very awkward meeting with Qilen, Wösma decides ,that she doesn´t trust him enough to go anywhere with him and turns his proposal down.(Plus she is still kinda mad at him.)

She instead takes up Izre on her offer to investigate the ruins, since she is very interested in all the ghost storys sorrounding them.

They get held back by a mysterious whirlwind that seems to patrol the ruins but the true chaos breaks lose when they run into a small foxlike construct.

Suddenly they get chased by the Vortex and have to enter one of the towers to get to supposed savety, the little construct in tow.

Howether the storm doesn´t seem to let that stop it from it´s pursuit.

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Prompt #2 - The Tower

Your character and their companions face a harrowing challenge at the end of the chapter. Draw or write your character at some point during the tower scene. Your piece must include your character and the tower, or your character and one of their companions during the tower scene.

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