Enter a New Character: Voom Frelldom

Posted Oct 16, 2021, 3:23:04 PM UTC

Character Name: Voom Frelldom

Character Age: 26

Character Species: Gobshie (A subrace of Goblins who are often refer to as Plushie for their odd shape and form)

Hair color: Green

Eye color: BLACK


Born to a small family of the poor tribe of mix species. Even among the Poor, Gobshie are look down upon and often seen as Pets more then people. This lead to his Mom being taken away and sold to a Noble as a Pet to the estate, leaving Voom and his 3 Sisters to fend for themselves. The Adorable look of the Gobshie often mean folks are willing to help them out.

Due to being the youngest, The Sisters pick on Voom and when a Knight offer the eldest sister money for the Littlest of their family, they did not turn it down as Voom was taken away to live in a Barricade of the Guards of a High Court. There he was train as a Squire, though as a joke at first, but seeing that there potential, they took him seriously. Standing in a few years as a proud member of the Court Guard, his skill won him respect from his peer, and the Noble affection for his adorableness.

How ever a Life changing event occur and the Court was attack by a Powerful Lich and an army of skeletons. The Lich slaughter all but the princess and Voom who stand to protect her, but his tiny statue and his adorable appearance only serve to amuse the Lich. With far more experience and skill then Voom has, the Lich slash a blade across his face, scaring him from his cheek to above his eye, satify to maim the cute guard look over slaying what he deem to be of no threat. The Lich absorb the princess into a Gem on his ring and leave as Voom try to follow blindly before passing out from his wounds...

Now he out in the world, recover and training to one day face and defeat the Lich and save the Princess. He put on his Guard Sword and his equipment's and head out to other worlds, to seek wisdom and knowledge he need to become the best warrior he can become...

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