Posted Oct 13, 2021, 4:53:01 AM UTC

Kaivey is an adult mixed being who doesn't like for people to know too much about her without a conversation.

Character Name: Kaivey

Character Age: ???

Character Species: bird (crane) & cat mixed being

Hair color: generally has 8 or so large feathers in shades of brown, green and grey

Eye color: grey

Kaivey has been living in a busy space more or less managing the flotsam of multiple world edges as it washes between worlds. Many lost items- that missing sock, the knitting needles, the book you can't remember if you returned yet or not- have crossed her path. Every morning, like shoveling snow, Kaivey works through the night's masses of discarded objects and ideas. Her house, an altogether abandoned building located in this between shores dimension, has been kept up as well as anyone living in the between could keep a house actively disintegrating. When she first arrived, the shore was covered with mostly foul trash and evidence of discarded, wasted things, things designed to be thrown away, things which took a good eight years or so to fully parse through, clean, organize, and process into categories; trash, useful, material. Her home became more beautiful as the shore became clearer and clearer. Days, weeks, months and years passed as she continued to meet each new day of strange forgotten things which had tumbled towards her home somewhere near the entropic equator.

She once felt it her calling to connect these objects to people in worlds who could use them. The sense of harmony she is equipped with as a sensing skill drove her to seek a sort of completion on behalf of the universe, to connect what is needed with who needs it. She knows many ways through and around various worlds, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the many others who for some reason existed here in this strange place. She became known for her large pack of unpredictable goodies each with their invisible ink stories attached, for who could know WHY this lamp which runs on an electrical battery with a charge generated from an attached hamster wheel exists or how it came to be here, but for the hamster who was thrilled to be gifted it, the chapter that mattered began with Kaivey gifting it to him so he could read at night after exercising.

So Kaivey lived, for some time, clearing and caring for the house that she found. Changes are one of life's guarantees, however.

At one point in recent times, Kaivey did begin to wonder just how she had found herself here.

It began with a new wind that had picked up lately in early evening, a shift in the weather, and, strangely: a boon of only things Kaivey found useful.

For the first time in her memory, Kaivey didn't want to give anything away, and everything that came her way, she could imminently use or wanted to keep.

She stopped leaving home to distribute mysteries on impulse, dictated by a chaotic ocean of inexplicables. She ran out of mysteries to distribute. The ocean of colliding dimensions seemed to be focusing somehow.

As fall turned fire colors out of summer, cooling into deep blue nights with clear skies, she lit bonfires. Sometimes she woke to only piles of fire wood strewn here and there fallen out of worlds into her place between.

It was as if the ocean, not a liquid ocean but an ocean of wavelengths and folded dimensions, had felt moved by her years of care, and was carrying things to her it somehow knew she wanted.

Sometimes marshmallows, spice cookies and chocolate, which resulted in nights of shared fire snacks with anyone who would tolerate her aggressive gifting, made worse for the strange lack of random items to distribute.

Then one night, the strangest thing of all appeared, stranger still for being the only object to have slipped enough minds to wander its way to her shore.

A photograph she both recognized, and could not imagine: a photograph of her, as a tiny, barely standing young one.

In it, she was covered in downy fluff like the strange not-fur-nor-feather fluff of her tail's tip and chest fur.

In it, her eyes reflected a camera's flash like giant metal moons, and her face appeared blank and solemn.

Who took the photograph?

Why was the photograph now here?

Was she ever so young?

As she picked it up from the ground, feeling oddly serene,

She remembered that she did not know how she had found this place.

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  • Oct 13, 2021, 6:51:24 AM UTC
    Intriguing back story! I like how you went about addressing that she has amnesia, and the natural progression of her desire to remember growing. Her physical design is adorable too.
    • Oct 14, 2021, 5:58:43 PM UTC
      <3 ! Thank you for reading it, and spending some time to leave feedback Corky Smile
      Looking through what you have been making is inspiring and these encouragements mean a lot from a person making interesting work like what you're making !
      • Oct 19, 2021, 3:01:16 AM UTC
        My pleasure! And thank you, you flatter me! I've been busy so its difficult to find time to make story related content, but hearing encouraging comments like this helps a ton <3




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