Commission art for Ravedragon: Kelnozz the Shiny

Posted Oct 10, 2021, 10:29:51 PM UTC

Commission Art for Ravedragon

Names: Kelnozz the Shiny

age: 777

Race: Silver Dragon Human like

Hair: none

Eyes: Silver with a Greenish tent

Brief Bio:

Kelnozz was not close to his dragon side of life, but still defended them and helped as he could. He LOVES to travel! He's not rich, but does have a hoard of treasure that he uses for gear and travels.

A Silver dragon that was not to good at magic or his own ways....he was always into humans and their ways. So when he tried to shift his form to that of a human, it fubar'ed! So now he's stuck in his current form, but at least the humans allow him to come around as he is their protector!

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