Posted Sep 27, 2021, 1:03:38 AM UTC

Character name? Seraphina

How old is your character? 27

What species is your character? Drake

What is your character's hair color? N/A

What is your character's eye color Yellow

Seraphina (Sera for short) was a former stryx hunter under the rule of a violent and evil Queen. Once Sera learned that the stryx she brought back were being killed, and having their wings mounted as trophies, she couldn't stay in her Queen's kingdom anymore. However, the Queen did not approve of deserters, and made sure her loyal soldiers tracked Sera down to end her.

However, Sera survived. And on a miserable, cloudy night, Sera was rescued by a giant glowing stryx who took her to safety and was able to find help. As Sera healed up, she made it her goal to find the stryx that saved her life..... which was a super easy task as the giant stryx waited patiently outside the house Sera was healing up in.

Since that point, Sera and her stryx, whom she fondly calls Firefly, have journeyed together to explore the vast reaches of the world they call home. And while Sera has a lot to answer for after serving the Queens she did, Sera plans to move forward being the best dragoness she can be.

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