The Sunset Wind

Posted Sep 19, 2021, 2:35:48 PM UTC

On a small island at the sky, we were waiting for the boat that will bring us to Avangard. That was a boring day. We waited untill sunset and noone came to pick us.

"I think that captain lied to us about waiting here. Now we're stuck. It's your fault. This was your idea to go to Avangard," said Zaclay.

"Eee? Why me?" I said, "Why did you agreed with that captain's idea."

"Umm... Because I want to see Avangard too actually,"

"Yea, me too. We have to wait. I'm sure something will happen. Trust me."

I see some ships sailing on the sky and the captain of that ship called our name. I think it's time to step our feet to Avangard. I held Zaclay's hand and then jumped into that ship.

"It's time to go, Zaclay!" I said, and then the ship gone as the sun set.

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