Vivitsa Visits Eventide Ring

Posted Sep 17, 2021, 7:56:59 AM UTC

The stories of the ruins being haunted somewhat scared Vivitsa, but she had already decided that she was going to explore them. She chose to venture into the sunny side of the Eventide Ring, as she found the heat and light much more comforting than the bitter cold and darkness of the dark side. She figured that most of the ghosts would probably be inactive in the light, and all she had to fear was the possibility of the ruins collapsing under her feet. Thankfully, nothing comes crashing down on her, and she leaves with a few neat trinkets.

Prompt #1 - The Wild Ruins

While the twilight realm of the planet remains inhabited, cities on both the sun side and the dark side of the planet lay dormant and uninhabited by sentient life. Hardy wildlife and plants have overrun the ruins, turning towering structures into crumbling deathtraps. Only a small handful of brave-- or foolish-- travelers dare venture into the scorching sun or freezing dark on either side of the twilight realm to explore these ruins. Some say the ruins are haunted, and that if you go too deep you’ll never return. Show your character exploring the overgrown ruins. Your piece must include your character and the ruins of a building of some kind.

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