Stag Talisman

Posted Sep 4, 2021, 3:47:17 AM UTC

The stag medallion was something Topper's grandfather brought back from one of his many trips to the barren lands beyond the purple mountains. Topper remembers playing it as a child as his grandpa told him of his journies - strange beak-nosed people dressed in silks, twisted towers and the giant Ababa bird who's unfolded wings could turn the sunshine into a shower of rainbows. He was never sure how seriously to take these stories, but was always glad to hear them. When he finally left to make his fortune in Prinoa, his grandfather gifted him the medallion. Was a talisman of good luck, he said; specially imparted by the cunning craftsmen from beyond the mountain. Whether is was or not, Topper always wore it close to his heart.

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