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Name: Topper

Species: Wolf folk

Age: 28

Height: 6' 7"

Eye Color: Orange

Hair Color: Grey

Topper is a young wolf-folk. He grew up in the small rural town of Narpolopo at the foot of the Marinian mountains. He spent much of his youth tromping through the mountains, exploring the caves and valleys there and sneaking fruit from farmer's orchards. Narpolopo is renowned for it's cheese production and Topper was well acquainted with shooing away the long-haired shaggy cattle that he shared his mountain home with.

His parents were tanners, and he was often called upon to help out, though he found the smelly business distasteful. When he came of age, he left to seek his fortune in the city of Prinoa. He quickly landed a position with the teamsters guild in the city as a guard (and occasional driver) for the wagon trains that wound up and down the coasts and into the heart of the country. They valued his size and strength (not to mention the ferocious reputation that followed all members of his race) while Topper valued the chance to see the world. In the heart of each city was a different treasure and Topper had an eye for them all: be it the crowded spice markets of Kercotta, the peculiar pottery of the Dansan, the colossal mechanical towers of Vervinia or the quiet snow covered villages of Noron where the timid bottle birds would make their nests. There was always a secret to uncover and a trade to be made.

Given to few words and staring pensively - as was the reputation of his species - Topper was not all together unsociable. He carried with him a shepherd's pipe which he had possessed since a boy, and was quick to pull it out to make music when the occasion called for it. He was also fond of dice and should there be a game, you could be certain to find him there. And should he find himself in the countryside and with a few hours to spend, as sure at the moon is in the sky you would see him bow in hand and leaping across the fields in pursuit of some small quarry.

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  • Sep 2, 2021, 5:21:22 PM UTC
    Welcome to PaperDemon! I really enjoyed your writing, along with this great art of your character.




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