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name: kiba

age: 19

character species: humanoid (zombie? with animal features? idk)

hair color: black + pink

eye color: red (right) + white (left)


competitive, hot-headed, sly. never backs out from a battle no matter how little their chances are.

their feelings are all over the place, they may be overly happy once just to feel the worst the next moment.

hates losing, rejection, failure to an unhealthy degree, will obsess over anything just to become the best at it and demolish everyone in their path.

intelligent and rather strong despite their simple appearance.

very flirty, but never wants to take it further. it's kind of a game for them to boost their self-esteem when the other party shows interest.

they hide their emotions behind humor, flirtatious behavior, studying and self-depricating jokes.

oftentimes willl get really bad burnouts when even moving hurts.

  • was your character close with their family?
  • no, they weren't. they were aboused as a child and ran away from home as a teenager

  • what are your character’s likes and dislikes?
  • likes: cat treats, positive attention, ur mom dislikes: authority, fear, loss, rejection

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