Posted Aug 22, 2021, 3:10:07 AM UTC

Character Name: Willow

Character Age: 25

Character Species: PaperDemon

Hair color: Lavender

Eye color: Grey

Character Biography

Willow was the first in modern history to discover and activate the portals in the PaperVerse. Her grandmother gave her an old quilt passed down through generations. When she was a teenager, she passed by a portal opening while carrying her quilt. The portal began to glow and activate allowing her to enter another planet. Later it was discovered the reason the portal activated was because her quilt was made from threads that contained minerals that happened to activate the portal network.

She loves to explore and has a big heart. She wears her emotions on her sleeve which can sometimes get her into trouble. She has difficulty containing her emotions and has difficulty keeping up with her school work. But she loves spending time with her friends and eating desserts.

See official PaperDemon Lore for more in depth history.

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