Ariso Kit Talisman SOUL

Posted Jul 25, 2021, 8:21:43 AM UTC


Ariso Kit’s talisman is a half-hellion SOUL that is a black aura glowing white upside-down heart with a red right side heart in the center. If the human heart in the center disappears, she becomes a full flesh hellion monster that will kill anything and anyone (her hellion SOUL is her dark side while her human SOUL is her soft one). Ariso keeps it inside of her chest and occasionally brings it out of her hands to heal herself as well as other people she cares for deeply. Because of that, it created a very large scar directly on her chest that she opens occasionally when taking it out of her. At one point, she makes it into a heat-shaped necklace so that it wouldn’t continue to cause harm onto her body or give her occasional heart attacks.

She created it herself as it allows to walk among mortals and the world that she’s created including other areas that she did not invented. The SOUL reminds her own creation including her beautiful child who she thinks about every single day. Ariso decided to take it with her because it allows her to be strong and she wishes to explore the mortal world and escape her former deity world that she absolutely despised. It also allows her to keep in contact with all her hellion friends because they are pretty much like family to her and she has no one left to talk to. On her adventures, hellion hunters would often try to steal it from her to do some experiments on it, but that would kill her permanently and she would never be revived again (because Ariso Kit was once a goddess, she can never really die unless if her SOUL was destroyed completely).   

Talisman (c) Me

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