The Wraith's Lament - Ch1 - Luring Spook

Posted Jul 22, 2021, 2:16:45 AM

Sharona's never been one to consider 'dangerous' or 'scary' to be a reason not to do something, and Ilyse, though young, strongly desires to prove himself. So it is that the two fearlessly delve into the smoke and ash, and find themselves ambushed - something Sharona felt would happen and considers just as well, as it makes it easier to lure this dangerous stryx somewhere easier to handle it.

Collaboration with IceDragonQueen22. She did the sketch and lines, I did the rest.

Full resolution can be found on DA (here), as I had to drastically shrink this image in order to meet PD's file size restrictions.


Ilyse 12767

Spook 13007


Fullbody: +5 AP

Coloured: +4 AP

Shaded: +4 AP

Event: +4 AP

Background: +5 AP

Biorhythm (can be a bit hard to see, but there is a blue sky behind all that smoke): +3 AP

Rider: +5 AP (Sharona, has no reference yet)

Extra Stryx: +3 AP

Spook 13007

Personal/Collaboration: +3 AP

Total: 36 AP

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