Traveling Healer.

Posted Jul 20, 2021, 11:04:06 PM

Often Mercurium is content letting humanity continue their destructive ways with little care for interfering. But while Mercurium doesn't terribly enjoy being around children, he tends to take it rather personally when children are involved in the cruelty of adults. Here there is a man with a grudge against another man, but instead of solving the problem among themselves. The first man cursed the second mans son. Latter Mercurium will have a word with the first man. But for now he has a life to save.

A quick digital painting to get away from 3D animation. Kinda was trying to test out some composition improvements while using as few layers as possible and "erasing" as little as possible. Loosely based on a dream that had a few weeks ago.

I like the result despite be a rather "sketch" quality piece. As always critiques are welcome.

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  • Jul 30, 2021, 5:28:42 AM UTC
    I also like it in spite of its sketchiness. I like the lighting, and the expressiveness of the figure on the left.
    (You could probably submit this as Other Character Art and get some AP from it if you wanted.)
    • Jul 31, 2021, 2:26:56 AM UTC
      I was kind of thinking of doing that, but wanted to wait until I had a better understanding of the AP mechanics. From the information I can "upgrade" my character's basic attacks and abilities but that's about all I found so far.




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