Posted Jul 15, 2021, 1:59:32 AM UTC

This was the official art I created to promote the Castimeria portal

I did something I don't normally do to create this art piece. I wanted to tackle something a little more challenging with regard to perspective. So I laid out the rough building placements in Sketchup to figure out the complex perspective of the various parts, screenshotted it, and then drew on top of it along with creating perspective guides in photoshop. There are actually 6 different vanishing points in this piece because the buildings and flower cart are not all aligned to the same grid. some are rotated.

Prompt #2 - Wildflower Festivals

Villages across Castimeria host flower festivals on a cascading basis-- thereโ€™s always one going on somewhere. A plethora of market stalls woven with blooms pop up almost overnight and time seems to stand still as the entire community comes together for a joyful time of celebration and lighthearted competition. Draw or write your character attending a flower festival. Your piece must include your character and a marketplace decked with flowers.

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