Posted May 28, 2021, 6:00:53 PM UTC


I am finally redesigning some very old ocs from a dumb idea (basically there was cops at a star bucks and I joked "I guess someone wanted to steal some coffee beans) and boom my worst robbers ocs were born 

Meet Chester a quiet guy who will tune you out with the dumbest music (I swear if someone says he's like that vampire from that one anime I'll scream) he's a disappointment to his mother who wanted him to go to college but he decided to rob people with two dumb guys he met at the local park (their designs will appear soon) his old design saw him with spiky hair but I felt like poofy curly hair would fit him more. He's the type of guy that doesn't talk as much as the other two but when he does it's a bit too deep to even respond to 
Also yes I gave him facial hair idk why I just thought it would fit him more than Larry

Don't look at this old drawing please it's horrible- 
but this does show how much I've improved it just makes me cringe at the sight of it
VERY old drawing:…


Important Links:………………


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