Time Lord

Posted May 7, 2021, 12:38:54 AM UTC

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I just wanted to make a cool villain and time powers are pretty cool
I know a lot of heroes/villain get their powers through a science mishap but hey it works Ig
Anyway she got her powers through a science experiment gone wrong as an explosion happened but it happened on a leap day/leap year so the next day rolled around and it was like it never happened but of course Time Lord went through it and remembers everything
she stays by herself, if you ran into her she'd just use her powers to rewind time to make you forget though this causes the person to have blank spots in their memories making them realize they've ran across Time Lord (but they can't remember who Time Lord really is)
Though she craves for a social life she keeps her distance since she can't let anyone see her little mutation (aka her many eyes) as she can't trust anyone 

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