Matt Boston/Fang The Werewolf

Posted May 4, 2021, 10:44:29 PM

In his human form, His name is Matt Boston, your average bullied around 16 year old who goes to school every day. He plans on passing with a standard diploma so he could go to college when he is 20. Then one day, while he was walking in the park, a werewolf attacked him and was rushed to the hospital. After being treated for a week or two, the full moon appeared, and his first transformation began. Turning him, into The Big Bad Werewolf known as Fang. Which he loses to the changes and can’t control himself in that form and Fangs side takes over. To make things weirder, His age progresses to make his wolf form look mature and handsome.

In his werewolf form, named Fang, He is 36 years old and wears nothing, due to his clothes being destroyed in the transformation. So all he has is his Big, Awesome, Fur covered, Muscular Werewolf Body. Tail and everything. While in this form, He leaves his parent’s house to be free and do whatever he pleases. His most favorite things to do as a werewolf is be a Prince Charming to the ladies, but whenever he goes near one, or anyone in general, they start screaming and shouting monster and run away from him for no reason. He thought it was because of his boyband-like looks and his big buff body. Also, rarely, the police or army will go after him, he thought to himself as well, the police and army must be there to arrest him because he’s too handsome. But he runs away from them anyway. Like all other werewolves, he eats raw meat or flesh to survive. He also likes watching his calories to make sure he stays BIG!! BAD!! And BEAUTIFUL!!

When the sun rises, he will usually find a bush to hide from it until the next full moon so he wouldn’t change back. But whenever he is exposed to the sun, he changes back into Matt, and Matt won’t remember a thing that happened. All he could remember was that he was outside, however, without clothes on due to the transformations destroying them!! Matt would be so embarrassed and would hide until he could get some clothes at his house. Luckily, when he would get to his house, his family would still be asleep.


This is also my Fursona/Weresona on FurAffinity

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