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Posted Apr 18, 2021, 8:59:25 AM UTC

Prompt #3 - The Constructs

After sometime, and a lot of evaluation, she finaly win her true color. The marking on her body become green. It was the sign she can leave the clan and travel through portal!

For her first travel she arrived in some sorte of Sky village; Every creature Lived on some kind of airship sailing in the sky of the planet under. The red and gold learder Ship imposing by height and envergure belong in the center of the floating city. After sometime spent in the mothership, Marena realize that the food was...a little weak in taste. Like the Ground was empty of energy or some sorte. After investigation, she Finaly found the Hive ship where the crops are grow by tiny little bug like robot. 

Those robots grow a variety of croops on the same ground. Creating a competion between plant since some of them need more space to grow like Corn, or a Cover like aspergus. Teaching to robot was a peine in the ***. Finaly a citizen explaine that she need to explain everything to the leader of the Agri-bot. The Bot master, is a sort of insectoide creature, reaparing a bot. It took like a moth for explaning every thing to the constructor and changing the programe;sort every seed,creating parcel for crops. But after every thing was done, she Finaly can taste the first new crops,it was a little better, but she can't imporve it any more, after all they are in the sky.

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