Wösma (portrait)

Posted Mar 27, 2021, 9:49:11 PM

Just a charachter portrait of a oc of mine.

Name: Wösma

Gender: Female

Species: Rabbit

Eye Color: Light green

Age: 19

Romantic/Sexual Orientation : Aro/Ace


An introvert, that tries to avoid social interaction whenever possible und would rather do things by herself then to rely on others too much.

She things actions speak louder than any words she could share with others, wich leads to her being competent when it comes to fighting and other action oriented things, but awkward when it´s time for social interaction.

Because of bad experiences with her family, who were her main social circle for a long time, she has problems with opening up to others about herself.

She is mostly a seemingly calm person, but she is rebellious and uncompromising when it comes to her personal life and can become very impulsive and aggressiv, if someone tries to tell her what do do, when it somehow connects to it, or to things she is passionate about.

Very justice loving.

Likes: Birds (especially little songbirds, but also Seagulls that she often watched at home), Rain

Dislikes/Hates: traditions and religions, controlling and abusive parents, Loud sounds 

Strenghts: Is a very fast runner and is very agile, knows alot about navigation, got trained to fight since she was little

Weaknesses: Sensitive to loud sounds (Loud music at partys, loud crowds etc. If loud sound persists it can give her headaches and make her aggressiv or completly shut down in tears if there is no escape from it), Sometimes clueless about some things that can be found on land, since she spend most of her live on a ship on the open sea, slight social anxiety

Fears: Being forced into a life she doesn´t want to be in, Jellyfish 


Wösma grew up at the northern coast ,in a very big family of fisherman and walehunters, that mercilessly defended their hunting territory from any strangers that dared to enter it.

Therefore, she spend much time on board of a ship and learned very early on all about navigation ,how to handle and repair ships ,as well as how to hunt down all kinds of sea creatures.

But most importantly: how to quickly get rid of any intruders that come into the home territory.

She became very provicient with her saber and mostly relied on her natrual agility and speed to avoid and trick her enemys, before charging at them at their weak spots, ending the fight as soon as possible.


But while Wösma had a very big family, she only ever felt close to her older sister Stjere, while her other countless siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles where mostly like working colleagues to her.

A big part as to why, played the philosophy of her parents, the current leaders of the family.

They believed in having as many offsprings as possible to build up the numbers and with that the manpower of the family, essentially looking at their children as their soldiers ,a means to keep control of their territory, and having and easy time replacing them , should a few perish while doing so.

And of course they expected them to follow their example and "do their duty" for the family.


Wösma however, had zero interest in having a partner or being a mother, wich led her to be often looked down upon by her parents, but also her siblings, who called her "selfish" and "heartless".

The only one who accepted her feelings was Stjere, who often took her little sister away from the constant nagging of their family, that became worse and worse over the years, especially once Wösma turned 18.

They often took one of the many hunting boats the family possesed and rowed out to the open ocean to just talk and give each other emotional support, sometimes even rowing to one of the near by uninhabited islands to explore them togehter.

The sisters often wondered what places layed beyond the boarders of their familys hunting territory and promised each other, that should they ever have a chance, that they would leave together and see for themselves.


Their time together was cut short, when a sea monster attacked the familys hunting ship one day, throwing Stjere overboard and seemingly devouring her right then and there, damaging the ship and dissapearing into the deep of the ocean shortly after.

Wösma was completly devastated, while the rest of her family seemed unfazed by what had just occurred, going back to their dutys on the ship, like nothing had happend.

When she snapped at them, her parents simply scolded her for being "overdramatic", since Stjeres role on the ship could easily been replaced by one of Wösmas many siblings, therefore making her loss nothing to really mourn over.


This was the time Wösma made a descision.

Fed up , she packed her things and stole one of the hunting boats in the middle of the night.

She rowed out to the open Ocean, leaving the home territory to track down the sea creature that killed her sister, not knowing or caring what dangers would await her in the unkown.










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