Sooyoung Ref [Night]

Posted Mar 14, 2021, 12:53:34 AM
More concepts about her and her ''Night'' form!
Sooyoung helps aqrions travel from place A to B and protecting them from danger such as Sharks, megalodons and other deepsea dangers that travel the ocean at night.
Sometimes friendly creatures are drawn to her, such as dolphins, whale sharks and many more, building a huge temporary pod to benefit from one another. 
 Critters like to hand inside her two sets of frills as it blocks the currents as well as her neck and head, allowing them to hold on to her and not getting swept off by the current, perfect place to rest.
She likes the company of others and listening to their conversation even if she doesn't include herself in them unless she is getting asked or invited into the conversation

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  • Mar 14, 2021
    Have you played Subnautica Subzero? I can't stop thinking about a specific creature from the game known as a vent garden while looking at this, its area has similar colors and it is also a huge creature. Granted, its a jellyfish and is actually dramatically different, but your girl here has the same kind of cool vibe as it (at least to me haha.)
    • Mar 14, 2021
      Oh! No I never played nor watched a full gameplay so I never saw that creature you mentioned
      I only know of that very long creature that scared YouTube's so I never even picked up the game cuz I always thought it's a horror game xD
      • Mar 14, 2021
        It certainly can scare you, but that's moreso because a *lot* of people fear underwater things. It can actually be very relaxing as well, as long as you aren't in the territory of anything big and hostile, and is a survival exploration game. I've watched a friend of mine play through both, and find it gives me a fair amount of ideas about underwater settings.
  • Mar 14, 2021
    Oh these are great colors! Big Smile How does her size compare to a whale shark though?
    • Mar 14, 2021
      Her complete length is 110 feet, whale sharks are 32 feet long xD
      I actually have a size chart for my main dragons, so I should maybe upload that xD

      The biggest thing that comes close p her size (which exists In real life) would be a blue whale, being just a few feet shorter :3

      I'd love to calculate her wing span but I didn't got to that yet xD

      Thank you for complimenting her colors :3 it took me a while to sattle on a Palette and pattern <3