Sooyoung Ref [Normal]

Posted Mar 14, 2021, 12:51:37 AM

Shes not approved yet :c


Concepts about her:

About her Infested flower and other small ideas while designing her:
- If she is happy the flower opens up more
- If concerned, or on guard, the flower will completely close down
- She uses her thin tail to wip fish and stun them to eat them
- She really adores aqrions that are smaller then her
- At the current point, the infested spores aren't dangerous (yet)
- She is a HUGE mama, meaning that she often lets aqrions travel on her, similar like Kimchi
- She has two sets of frills similar to toothless from HTTYD. They help her change directions faster
- She enjoys the company of manta rays (who would have thonk)
- Shes always afraid that she crushes pygmys and phin singers cuz they are so tiny
- The vents on her chest function the same way as gills

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  • Mar 17, 2021
    well this came out super cool, wow, you put so much thought into your characters
  • Mar 14, 2021
    She's so pretty! The double frill is visually neat and very useful, nice inclusion. The shape of her wings reminds me of butterflies incredibly, as well as obviously manta rays. Hopefully she gets approved!
    • Mar 14, 2021
      Thank you for all those many compliments haha <3

      I got the double frills idea from Toothless from HTYD and though it might help her be able to turn around a bit faster, granted I'm not sure if she would realistically be able to move xD I'm still a bit confused on how manta rays even swim Big Smile

      Her wing shape was inspired by those sting rays with the many dots :3
      • Mar 14, 2021
        I think it would, water dynamics are a lot stronger than aerodynamics, so it would likely have a strong effect as well. I think rays swim with a ungulate kind of motion, a little similar to what birds do but adjusted for water rather than air. Granted, I haven't done much research as far as rays go, so its just a guess
  • Mar 14, 2021

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  • Mar 14, 2021
    Aah she's so lovely~ D: I'm gonna have to make time to draw her some day.
    • Mar 14, 2021
      Thank you <3
      I wonder how she'd look like in your style though!