Blue Streaks

Posted Feb 21, 2021, 11:20:49 AM

A first get to know piece of my surprising new flock addition Blue Streak. I honestly did not think i was going to win the auction and yet here I am with this baby. I gotta draw this kid some more to figure out its character, sex and story. Definitely a happy, loud chap, leaning towards male. But we'll see, it would also fit a chatty female. So far all my females are more seroius and stern.

One thing is for sure, that tail is hella fun to draw. A pain to color but satisfying to lok at.


Fullbody +5
Colored +4
Personal Art +3
Multiplier: 12 x 5

Total: 60


Headshot +3
Colored +3
Personal Art +3
Multiplier:  9 x 4

Total: 36


Grand Total: 96AP

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