[DS]A not-so-good Sangiovese

Posted Feb 1, 2021, 3:03:26 AM

I just realized that I haven't post this man up here, he's finally uploaded x'D - I've been gone from stryx for a while, finally I'm back.

A wineyard birb, the owner it is? Sangiovese is probably a part of nobility too. A smart, quick witted and charming man. Well, that's what he put in front of the society - almost no one knows his true colour. 


Sangiovese(c) GainGainsGrains

Species(c) DracoStryx

Art(c) GainGainsGrain

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  • Feb 1, 2021
    I love the design on that Stryx! :OO Oh? I just came back to Dracostyx, I haven't gotten my first geno approved yet. I am now waiting on a new one cause I lost my other one. :,) Too long of a story for this comment.

    Anyway you did very well on this anyways, ^ ^. Keep it up. ♥
    • Feb 5, 2021
      Thanks really much, I'm really glad you liked him! Tbh I understand you, and I have lots of geno holding on, I can gift one to you if you want Big Smile
      • Feb 5, 2021
        You're welcome. ^ ^ I really do, oh that be super nice of you. Big Smile Tho I have a geno I am adopting right now, and still waiting for approvel. ^ ^