Moonlight Trackpad Doodle

Posted Jan 1, 2021, 2:50:13 AM UTC

{ 🌑 }


Good day!


Happy New Year's Eve / New Year's Day to those who celebrate it!!


I made a quick doodle of my Eláfkeri Moonlight ( she was sent to corrections for some coverage errors but this should still count for HarP once she's approved ) !!

I made this to not have her tracker empty, but it also helped me a bit to calm down from the anxiety attacks the fireworks give me;;


The Eláfkeria kickstarter is currently live and will last for a week or two! You can check it out here!!


I,, love the geno I got aaa


{ 🌑 }


Eláfkeria are an ARPG closed species by SheepMomther


Moonlight © SheepMomther SheepMomther

Art © SheepMomther SheepMomther


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