Areum Kwon's Yes Girls

Posted Dec 3, 2020, 8:51:38 AM UTC

Name: Ha-Sook Nyuh

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Family: Seok-Eul Nyuh(cousin)

Appearance: Beefy girl, dark umber hair in a bob cut, green eyes, and 2 patruding teeth from the upper jaw. Non-school clothes-Green blouse /w blue overalls, white socks, and green tennis shoes.

Likes: Beating up boys, breaking other kids toys, wrestling, stealing other people's food, and picking fights with her cousin.

Dislikes: Hana, school, health food, and anyone, but Seok, knowing that she likes princesses, plushies, animals, and boy bands.

Fears: Spiders, the dark, creepy sounds, zombies, Ji Hyun, and Queen Lucy.

Favorite Food: Budae jjigae

Favorite Drink: Chilsung Cider

Favorite Sweet: Sweet Cakes

She is known as the Girthy Girl in Bora Elementary. Has a world's record of the most detentions in school for her destructive temper. One time spend her summer in juvinille hall for beating up one boy all because he accitently scuff herΓ‚ shoe after she tripped him. She was recruited by Areum Kwon for her strength and terrifying stature.

Choice for the voice: Cathy Weseluck

Name: Seok-Eul Nyuh

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Family: Ha-Sook Nyuh(cousin)

Appearance: Petite figure, shoulder length platinum blond hair with outward flipped tips, gray eyes, and cat framed eyeglasses. Non-school clothes-white blouse, blue pleated skirt, white socks, and black mary jane shoes.

Likes: Spreading rumors, breaking relationships, stealing boys, k-pop, celebrity gossip magazines and tv shows, following the latest trends, and beauty tips.

Dislikes: Hana, little kids, anything cute, bad hygiene, and anyone, but Ha, knowing that she likes rom-coms.

Fears: Rodents, spiders, snakes, frogs, zombies, Ji Hyun, and Queen Lucy.

Favorite Food: Tteokbokki

Favorite Drink: Misutgaru(Ground Grains)

Favorite Sweet: Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate.

Recruited by Areum for her eavesdropping skills and gathering information. Her goal is to ruin the reputation of Hana and steal Cula for herself.

Choice for the voice: Jessica DiCirro.

The Spookiz is the copyright property of Keyring Studios/WildBrain

Ha-Sook and Seok-Eul Nyuh are mine.

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