A simple OC sketch

Posted Nov 30, 2020, 8:48:06 PM UTC

It's late, all the Trick-or-Treaters are gone and you're walking home under the dim light of the streetlamps. It's cold but the warm smile of a grinning Jack-o-Lantern on a wall greets you from up ahead. As you approach you feel a sense of dread, "Why is this the only Jack-o-Lantern still lit?" you think to yourself. An intense chill runs down your body and you stop in your tracks. The Jack-o-Lantern isn't sitting on the wall but somehow floating behind it! As it rises up you see why...it has legs... It steps over the wall and begins to sprint towards you! Running RUNNING RUNNING!!!!

Otherworldy laughter fills the air behind you, causing your heart to race even faster! Several hundred feet more, you can see the door of your house! The footsteps behind you are getting closer, your head throbbing from the shrillness of its shrieks. Your door just up ahead...SLAM... looking out the window but nothing is there... your body shaking violently, you fall to your knees and vomit from the intensity of what just happened.... No candy tonight, that's for sure...

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