Kebi and Zizi's Family

Posted Nov 11, 2020, 8:54:53 AM UTC

In my future stories, Kebi and Zizi are now married and have kids.

Kizi is their daughter who is 10 years old, looks like Kebi with one horn in limepeel/light brown hair in braided pigtails. Green eye in a one len eye wear. 8 freckles on each cheek. Orange skin. Wears a yellow leopard spotted printed dress, white socks, and black shoes. A straight A student with a rebel streak.

Zebi is their son who is 6 years old. He has one horn in his brown curly hair and green skin. Wears a beige color shirt with paw prints, gray shorts, white socks and brown shoes. He also has a crush on Cana.

Kebi and Zizi are the copyright properties of Keyring Studios/WildBrain.

Kizi and Zebi are mine.

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