Posted Oct 5, 2020, 7:21:48 AM UTC
Name: Goo(means complete in Korean)
Age: 10
Gender: Genderless(but often acts feminine)
Species: Blob
Appearance: Small, round, lime green, makes oozing and squishy sounds, bubbles for eyes, and thin lips.
Personality: Talks in sputters, squirts, and gibberish, but some how Frankie can understands it. Gets around by crawling and bouncing.
Likes: Frankie, juices, smoothies, water, water sports, wild flowers, sitcom comedies, glitter, music, and warm climates.
Dislikes: Violence, freezing temperatures, crime dramas, reality shows, meat, and dirt.
Can only absorbs food in liquid form, but it cannot have sugar, salt, or any other granulates because they cause dehydration. Has an ability to change shape and form. Can self-reproduce however it also merge it's dna with another being, but only if it reach the age of 21. It's also very ticklish.
Choices for the voice: Carol-Anne Ray, Kira Vincent-Davis, and Erin Mathans.

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