[DS]Cathe Sketch

Posted Sep 5, 2020, 5:09:54 PM

Haven't post anything in here for so long lmao. A latest bby designed by the lovely @/Nightwing-Kain ! Cathecassa

She once was a beautiful lady though, but later she got a disease infection. It's probably a disease that mess around internal organs, and you could feel something wrong from it. In the first stage, it could be cured by biopsy, but if in gone wrong -- it can't be cured anymore; the only two way is just dead, or the pathogen will be a part of the body -  like something parasitics,  but it don't control all everything.

She def involve with my main lore 'n such, esp with the medical society! >:3c Everyone knows I'm a sucker of medical stuff lmao

Character(c) GainGainsGrain
Species(c) DracoStryx 
Art(c) GainGainsGrain

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