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Posted Jun 2, 2020, 10:35:03 AM

There, there. Here goes my doctor stryx lad. I will never ever get over the obsession on doctor. The first time I've got him I. was gonna go with an idea of the royal docter, whatever -- it's actually nah, he's just a mix of a travelling doctor, plague doctor and evil doctor lmao -- And here's where I'll put up his notes that's outside the import description, I'll keep on update with his info then c: He's my top fav stryx atm, and will always be like that.

https://www.deviantart.com/eyeofgalyx/art/Cheglok-12295-839362522 :

  • - Cheglok -- the name came from a dexterous gesture he has. It means Falcon in archaic Russian, and that also makes someone called him Falcon Doctor according to his gesture that is quite a contrast to his large body size. His gesture is swift as a falcon, yet looks nonchalant like his personality.
  • - He has few surgical scars over his body, some are covered by bandages -- they came from a nasty experiment he got himself into as a subject, and it's conducted by one of his colleagues during the pandemic, that dude is definitely one of the most wicked he's ever met. His blinded right eye came from that, too.
  • - He knows almost nothing about magic, yet he knows a little bit about how to keep his plasma breath in place. The main advantage about his breath is it uses to relive gout and other pains.
  • - As a doctor, he's quite a hygienic man, and loves to see his stuff clean, especially equipments and accessories, and maybe his own self.
  • - The interesting thing inside Chheglok's body is that he has yellow blood, it doesn’t mean that he only has plasma. But it means that his blood contains mainly Vanabin and has enough Haemoglobin to carries out oxygen as Vanabin isn’t related to circulatory stuff. That made someone called him 'The Gold-blooded Physician' for that reason.
  • -His interest? He'd love to explore about medical uses of electric, surgical stuff, and so some deadly diseases.
  • - From then till now, he's a kind of wanderer. He doesn’t has his own settled place for a clinic or stuff, but he enjoys travelling from place to place. That’s why sometimes he called the nomadic doctor.
  • - His body type is considered as a healthy-skinny type that covered with feathers, capable to push himself up in the air easily. Anyway he's slightly larger than average gryph, maybe not only slightly?
  • - Has three wing fingers on each, probably is more convenient when need to get in charge with medical stuff? and he usually walks on legs, folding his wings up to make sure that they won't touch the ground.

All for now, probably will come up with a lot more in the future. Hope ya enjoy!


Cheglok(c) GainGainsGrain

Species(c) DracoStryx

Art(c) GainGainsGrain

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