Posted Jun 21, 2018, 10:37:12 PM UTC

Decided to post another piece today, since I haven't in a while~  I found this while rumaging through some older sketches. I didn't post it when it was finished because I don't like posting art of my non-dragons by themselves, but since I was posting mer art for mermay, I wanted to give it a chance to be seen. It's actually an older piece than I initially thought, I finished it in June of 2016, wow, that was close to when I joined here.

This was a concept for mer armor, but I have since decided against this design, it's too vibrant for what they have to build with. They typically build with bones, stone, and sharkskin. They can handle a wide range of water pressure, allowing them to live in shallows, short times on shore, and even in the depths of ocean abysses - though they are basically blind down there, so they only seldomly venture that deep, and only for distinct reasons.

Fun fact: Almost all mers have special scales on their hands that increase their grip, which helps them keep ahold of gear and fish in ocean currents.

Art and race belongs to me.

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