Powers of Observation

Posted Aug 21, 2017, 6:09:44 PM UTC

     Taking a break from my bust series to put up some digital art, since it's good to keep things diverse~ I was inspired to do some more art of my little staring child because someone on a different site  found him to be super cute and mentioned it on his entry in my bust series, and that got me super excited so this happened- it does not take much to get me draw my babs lol. I imagine my red eyed child was expecting someone else to be there when she popped out from the canopy, though apparently not this time! Moon eyes there doesn't seem at all phased thoguh~

Fun fact: I originally planned for it to be my other green tree kid staring down from the branches, but during the night I was sketching this, my hand had a disagreement with her face at that angle, so red-eyes was my next go-to.

Art and characters belong to me, don't steal or repost, thanks!

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  • Aug 27, 2017, 9:59:53 PM UTC
    This is super cute. I love the glowing blue bits on the smaller dragon.

    Lin you've been posting on here a while now. Seems like you've got a good cadence for drawing regularly. Do you have any tips for other artists on how they can achieve this same level of regularity?
    • Aug 28, 2017, 9:43:05 PM UTC
      The bits actually are neon not glowing, though compared to the rest of him it makes sense why you'd think so~
      Part of why I post so regularly is because here I'm behind where I am on my main site, though I post every week there, so I guess I do have a good sense of regularity.
      A big thing is that I have an art list where I store my ideas for future art pieces. I come up with a lot of ideas sometimes, and if I tried to keep them in mind only, I'd forget 2/3 of them since at those times I can't keep up making art, so the extra go onto the list. Then when I am finished with whatever I was working on, I go to the list and start one on there. When I get into a period where ideas are hard to come by, the list gives me some direction so I always have something to do. Typically my list has about 20-30 ideas at any given time.
      Besides the list, I have characters I adore and haven't drawn enough (ironically since they're all I draw, heh), so I think of things they'd do or stuff I want to show of them. Since I am story driven, I also get inspiration from comics of similar genre to my own.
      Sorry for the super long reply, I didn't think it would be so when I started! ^-^' I hope that helps some though~
      • Aug 29, 2017, 2:08:38 PM UTC
        Oh sweet. Thanks for the detailed reply. having an idea list makes sense.

        Do you have time set aside each day for drawing? How do you make sure you have time for it?
        • Aug 30, 2017, 9:53:08 PM UTC
          Drawing is my go-to hobby, and if I don't draw enough I get antsy I suppose? I make sure not to overwork myself with other projects so I won't be drained, so that leaves me with time to do art most days as I relax. If I have a free day in my schedule and I haven't had much art time, I'll usually dedicate the first half(ish) of it to art, then use the rest to run errands or see people.
    • Aug 28, 2017, 9:54:01 PM UTC
      Yikes, in the previous reply the paragraphs merged into a huge chunk. Apologies!