Posted Aug 26, 2014, 6:33:59 PM UTC

Name: Terrin Corlean
Age: 20 years
Race: Human
Sexuality: He’s still experimenting.

Terrin is one of Jake’s friends outside of school, and often there to listen and give advice on how to deal with Butch. He has a strong sense of justice, and would love to show off his taekwondo and jiu-jitsu skills… With Butch as a training dummy.

He just finished school, so Terrin has enough time to enjoy life to the fullest. He aims to earn his living by painting, but for now, he’s stuck with a series of crappy jobs. He lives together with his parents, his sister Mary, and his pet lizard; Captain Zippy. His sister is a straight-A student, and a bit of a Miss Perfect. She’s always at the ready to help her brother, though. In his spare time, Terrin paints in the privacy of his room, but tends to get carried away… His mom purposely put white wallpaper in his room because he nearly always splatters paint on the walls.

Terrin is best described as eccentric, creative, and very independent of the opinions of others. He dyes his hair another colour every week, but never revealed his real hair colour is red… He was bullied to no limit in elementary school because of his red hair. He always takes care to dye his eyebrows, and has an array of excuses ready to dodge the question: ‘What’s your REAL hair colour?’ His look is often described as ‘feminine’, and some people mistake him for a girl; Terrin’s pet peeve.

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