Tales of Turnabout cover

Posted Mar 12, 2012, 10:26:12 AM

The cover to the collaboration Ace Attorney comic I'm working on with 5 other artists right now called 'Tales of Turnabout'. Since there was no set theme to the anthology, I decided to do a cover with all the featured characters on it (Which was luckily only 7), but since there was so many characters, I decided to do a front and back cover combo to make it something special.

The prgress of thought with this version of the cover was starting off with Franziska, and how I wanted to draw her in a cheongsam, like she is in StudioKawaii's title page inthe comic, and the rest kind of panned out from there. The tiled off area is 'make believe', where the landscape is based off a photo in a park in Los Angeles (somewhere O.O). Since I don't live in America it's all pretty inaccurate T.T 

Anyways, I wanted a nice cheerful cover to the comic :)

Done in copic markers.

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  • Mar 12, 2012, 6:56:02 PM UTC
    Franziska (white hair?) is so pretty in this picture. Nice work!

    (LA works for everything, you just have to catch it from the right angle.)
    • Mar 12, 2012, 8:10:54 PM UTC
      Yeah- That's Franziska Smile The Studio Kawaii girls made the title page of their comic of her in a dress similar to this. Their was more ornate, but you can't do ornate with copics so I settled on this design XD I knew as soon as I saw it that she needed to be the focus on the cover Smile I also happen to be a fan of Fran x Lang ^^ <3

      (With alot of things, yes. I do alot of medieval fantasy art- not so much currently, but usually I do. New Zealand is more appropriate for that. Or UK Smile )
      • Mar 12, 2012, 9:32:28 PM UTC
        Do you ever go back with another medium to add detail, like with pencil, ink, or even digital?
        • Mar 13, 2012, 12:45:54 AM UTC
          It.... depends. With all my copic pictures, I use copic multiliners or some sort of ink pen to give edges. Bristol board doesn't bleed, but in sayign this, you still can't get sharp edges with it. The tiles on the bottom of the image were done free hand. As you can see, it's a pretty broad line. That is the copics being FINE. To get the light edges in this picture I used a sharp pencil.

          In this picture I happened to draw everything at the wrong proportion completely and utterly. For this, I slapped it into photoshop, twieeked the lineart till it was correct, and reprinted it on bristol again. I had to redo the linearts from scratch, but correcting it was well worth it Smile http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v734/arkillian/ToTcover.jpg It looked like this before I tweeked it. The different levels gave the picture depth it didn't have before it.

          In conclusion, I use mixed media when it's needed, so yes. If I need the look another medium gives, I wont hesitate to use it. Why not? IT's not cheating. There's not cheating in illustration. Just an end product Smile Resizing it in photoshop is no different from me redrawing it from scratch again except I saved myself TRUCK loads of time and frustration by just using a faster medium to do the job. Never be affraid to mix mediums to get a better result. Just don't cut corners on quality cause of it. Mixed media should improve art not cheapen it.

          I have to mix media it any way cause to reproduce a traditional picture, I have to scan it anyways Yes
          • Mar 13, 2012, 9:40:27 AM UTC
            I so admire the results you get. I've only tried colored pencils once, and never markers -- so permanent! Anxious But I'm finding working digitally there's no end to the fixing I can do...