The first moment...

Posted Sep 19, 2011, 4:43:05 AM

...we ever had together, you held me close, and kissed my face.
It was magical and I will never forget it. As you softly whispered to me "I love you."

I know, I'm not usually one of those people who makes an anniversary when I'm not married but, lets do one just for the sake of it :3

Its been SIX months since Nick and I started dating, and to me that's been quite a while. (same with amikinz <3 me haz to finish her reffy after like...months Bl)

I decided I wouldn't do this picture the new way (coloring a sketch without outlining it) because Im not so sure it would come out nice, and plus this is a special picture, im not going to use a newly found process style on a picture that is special to me.

I hope you like it baby <3, and I hope you all like it too



Kaala, Art (c) Kaala Irix Aikanaro

Tourniquet (c) Nikolai Ivanov

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